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Help Beat Summer Senior Loneliness

Updated: May 22, 2019

For Older Americans Month in May... we focus on 10 Ways To Prevent Loneliness & Isolation in Seniors

This month we focus on 10 Ways To Prevent Loneliness & Isolation in Seniors…

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 42 million Americans identify as being lonely and According to the U.S. Census Bureau 11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older, lived alone at the time of the census.

As the summer months approach us, it is important to check on our seniors and make sure that social isolation and loneliness doesn’t set in so that unhealthy behavior doesn’t affect their overall health and wellness.

If your senior starts developing unhealthy behaviors such as poor diet, lack of physical activity, depression or an increase in smoking, loneliness could be the reasoning behind some of the behaviors. Unhealthy behaviors can then lead to increased hospitalizations or doctor visits, forgetfulness, falls along with mortality.

Here are 10 ways to help seniors tap into some of the underlying reasons to help avoid the loneliness and isolation in their everyday life:

1. Invite your senior to a meal or encourage dining with others

2. Encourage participation in community activities to keep them busy (bingo, arts & craft sessions, low impact fitness class, church worship, explore an adult daycare setting)

3. Give them a pet to nurture

4. Address any embarrassing physical/health issues (incontinence issues, encourage hearing/vision tests to help them gain confidence of leaving their surroundings)

5.Share frequent compliments and comments to boost self-esteem about their appearance

6.Share affection with your senior (feelings of touch can help lower stress and make anyone feel cared for and noticed)

7.Provide technology to help occupy time and stimulate the mind on a daily basis

8.Make errand help and transportation more available helps promote continued independence

9.Notify others around your senior to remain present and to make visits

10.Give extra attention to those who may be experiencing recent grief of a close loved one or friend

For more resources to Create, Connect and Contribute to our Older Americans..visit . For more info on helping senior avoid isolation visit

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